Desire Lines.

A4 Cyanotype prints, and 5×5 A4 paneled print.


For this project I began looking at Designed systems for improvisation. An early reference and inspiration for this was the written solos in Jazz scores, that allow the musical an open, improvised section within a structured song. Similar to that of the Happenings of Allan Kaprow, this allows for a unique outcome overtime from the same written instructions. This aspect of chance was something I’d been exploring a lot in recent projects, mainly through the public as a way to generate random information or content. For this project I wanted to look at other ways this unpredictability could be utilized focusing mainly on the production process.

After heading back to the Midlands to isolate at my parents house, I began photographing the Desire Lines I frequently used when walking my dog. (A Desire Line is an informal path created by people repeatedly walking the same route, often a shortcut). Due to the nature of the desire Lines I wanted to bring the images into a tangible form which lead me to these A4 photographic cyanotype prints, using sunlight as an exposure unit. Not only are the paths physical marks made by the public that are constanly changing but the Cyanotype method comes with massive amounts of unpredictability due to the sunlight being an exposure unit. This offered me the element I was looking for in production that was the lack of control.