Bus Stop Posters

The Bus stop Posters were one of my early experiments inspired by Alan Kaprow’s Happenings, looking at how simple instructions can be utilized to collaboratively create content. I left blank A1 paper and two pens in 16 bus stops across London with the hand-written instruction “DRAW ON ME”, and after 24 hours I would return and collect the posters. Although the content varied with some being full and repeatedly drawn and written on, I also lost four posters and had countless pens stolen. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interaction the posters received. Each poster provided a social commentary on current issues along side doodles, creating a type of visual representation of the commuters. One of the main intentions was to encourage people to express their thoughts and feelings in a physical format with complete anonymity. I feel that in our digital life it can be so easy to portray a specific version of your self when you already know your audience,  so with these posters I wanted to allow people to publish without any preconceptions which seemingly created  a level of freedom and rawness to the content (even if sometimes this was in the form of an written argument between two strangers)