Aspic Posters

Using Aspic as a way to highlight the obscene volumes of plastic waste within the fast food industry. 

“He cooked a lovely whole sea bass, but it emerged from the kitchen encased in a block of aspic nearly three feet long. He unmolded it, then gave the table a good kick, so that the aspic wobbled wildly and the bass seemed to fishtail upstream.” – Jane Crawford

Inspired by George Matta-Clark’s experiments with food at his resturant ‘Food’ in Soho, I began looking into the histroy of Aspic which lead me to think about modern food trends (i.e. Fast Food and Ready Meals) and the role of plastic and packaging to present the food. I started to see clear similarities between aspic and plastic as a way to present our food.

After discussions with my peers, the common conception was that “aspic is disgusting!” despite it being seen in the past as a glamorous way to present food. People are now starting to consider plastic in a similar light, so I wanted to explore this deeper