Aleatory Music - Musical Telephone.

Inspired by the works of Musicians such as John Cage and Brian Eno, ‘Musical Telephone’ is an experiment into Aleatory music, implementing aspects of chance into the recording process. 10 people were asked to pick one instrumental part from a full song I had recorded to then record a new part of their choice, before passing the song on to another person. Each chain became its own song with unique characteristics depending on the stylistic choices and musicians involved. SoundCloud Link for the tracks so far:

‘Rain & Hail’ is another attempt at exploring the aspect of chance within music using the sound of the rain on a cymbal and hail on a tom-tom drum. Due to the changing speeds and dynamics of the ‘drum beat’ created by these elements I used a free form when it came to compostion, starting with a piano part trying to folow the rain before adding the hail and recording synths and bass on top.